Queensland Symphony Orchestra Set for a Stellar 2014 Season


Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) launched their 2014 Season a few weeks ago, when September was just starting to get crazy busy here, at a VIP high tea at their new premises in the ABC Building at South Brisbane. So I sent Jenn Jay to check it out, and then had the pleasure of meeting Jenn personally at #PBEVENT at QT Gold Coast. No, I haven’t blogged about that yet. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one of the 400 bloggers who attended, who hasn’t blogged about that yet. And I’m not about to do so now. If I were more interested in selling out matching my blog to brands you would have read about it here already. Perhaps that approach is for another blog. Here, we’re still interested in bringing you an independent voice on live theatre, albeit, at times, an intermittent one. It’s just that we’ve been busy. CRAZY BUSY!


So anyway, it was Jenn who caught up with the QSO at the beginning of the month, and what a lovely morning she had!



Next year the QSO will continue its commitment to musical excellence, presenting stellar performances alongside a star studded line-up of international and national guest artists.


On September 3 invited guests were ushered into the new QSO Studio along a red carpet with two of the most stunning looking macaron trees I have ever seen!


Guest speakers were introduced by ABC’s Karina Carvalho, acting as MC for the morning.  Karina added to the class and style of the formal part of the morning as she welcomed the Governor of Queensland and patron of the QSO, Penelope Wensley.


Current Chief Conductor, Johannes Fritzsch announcing this will be his last season with the QSO lightened the morning.  A charismatic and charming character, Maestro Fritszch said, “I feel different this morning,  as I normally face away from the crowd and no-one is listening to me.”


He described the QSO’s new space as modern, classy, young in spirit and is looking forward to “speaking the music language” within its walls.


Sophie Galaise, the new CEO was welcomed by Maestro’s comment, “CEO’s come and go but orchestras remain…”


Sophie compared the success of the QSO in the new season to a good French wine, “as the French say, you will have a very good year.”  Sophie mentioned the 27 world class experiences as very exciting reasons to re-visit the Orchestra in 2014.


The exclusive group were entertained by a few arrangements from a selected section of the Orchestra. Later the VIP guests were ushered outside into the Laneway for the High Tea, where guests mingled with the Orchestra’s luminaries.


Sarah Wilson’s trumpet announcing breaks in the program provided light moments, reminding us this is all about the music.


Let’s not forget the delectable macarons, which I can confirm were as delicious to eat as they looked!


October 5 2013 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in Concert with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra


November 23 2013 Video Games Unplugged: Symphony of Legends


February 8 2014 Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular





3 Responses to “Queensland Symphony Orchestra Set for a Stellar 2014 Season”

  1. September 30, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    thanks Gorgeous u

    Busy I know that feeling – i am finishing off my on-line travel writer’s course (valerie khoo special) and have much I would like to do on my blog – but thats going to have to wait!

    I need to get ideas going and start pitching stories and find out whether i can crack into the competitive travel writer’s world. Money ain’t coming from writing on my blog!

    there have been so many post PB event blogs – all very interesting and yeah – my ? too – where do they find the time?


    Kind Regards,

    Jenn Jay

    Freelance Writer and Blogger

    Email: jennjaytales@optusnet.com.au

    Blog: http://jennjaytales.wordpress.com/

    Twitter: @jennjay84

    Facebook: Jenn Jay, Brisbane


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