Tina C: Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word


Tina C: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Brisbane Powerhouse Visy Theatre

14th August – 17th August 2013


Reviewed by Meredith McLean




There are many faces to Christopher Green. Last night we met his counterpart, the wonderful Tina C from Nashville. We got to learn from her about culture, peace, Starbucks and even took line dancing lessons.




Undoubtedly one of the highlights of Powerhouse’s line-up this season, Tina C not only gives us a song and dance but an entertaining lecture on the history of our people. During her “TINA Talks” the crowd lapped it up. Half the time she had to pause, and bat her dainty false eyelashes while the audience howled at her remarks.


Tina C is the kind of performer you can’t take your eyes off, and for a number of reasons. Whether it be because of what she is saying, or because she has most sternly requested “Don’t look at my ass when I turn around! Respect me as a creative. You wouldn’t understand what it’s like to be objectified.” This sent the audience into hoots of laughter and inevitably, staring at her immaculate ass too.




Though Tina is the main attraction her accompaniment, James Henry, is equally impressive in his musicality. Hailing from Melbourne he was the perfect, quiet co-performer to “play me something pretty” as Tina might ask.


Making a briefer appearance, but still the icing on the cake, was special guest, Paula Nazarski. For those who don’t know or remember, she was one of the driving creatives behind QTC’s Mother Courage and her Children. She did a short reading of one of the poignant lines from Mother Courage, and traded banter with Tina.




Tina C’s satirical country music tour is witty, crude and outrageous.


At times it is completely over the top and that’s why it’s fantastic. Prepare to get up close and personal in this witty and raunchy night of music and unique insight.


Finishes Saturday. Book online.




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