Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine


Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

The Roundhouse Theatre, La Boite

11th July – 27th July 2013


Reviewed by Meredith McLean


Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine

With a minimalist stage this one-hour show is far from dull. That is not because the show is controversial or grabs for attention.


It isn’t self-indulging or obnoxious in what this production tries to underpin.


It is so entertaining because it is honest. It is not so much a performance as it is a reenactment, as close to the truth as a reenactment can strive to be.


I can’t help but stop my head from spinning trying to map it out. Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine is so meta it’s confusing at times. I’ve reworded this paragraph three times now, trying to explain each character and sub-level of character within character. So rather you might just have to settle for seeing the show yourself.


Consider it a meta-fiction/non-fiction/comedy/insider’s story/honest vignette.


Perhaps that was a mouthful? A more clear and structured description might be a touching and funny true story.


But this show isn’t always clear, and though it works in linear it also leaves so much in the silences and spaces. Tim Spencer is a charming and adorable writer/performer. Meanwhile, Charles Purcell is an accomplished actor and dramaturg. He can annunciate each word clearly and sit tall and dominating on stage like a Charles might. Then quickly become a Not Nick in his slouch and his voice and his body.


The three souls of this play, Tim, Charles and Not Nick, cover a range of topics. From the taboo of sex workers in Australia to the drama of family life. They reach the timid happiness of acquaintances right down to the raw anger and frustration between two men not quite sure how to control a growing fire. Luckily for the audience, nothing burns down.


But you are left feeling edgy and fascinated as if you had just watched your neighbour’s house be burnt to the ground.


But where there is that ferocity in the dialogue there is also wit. You know that moment in a play where you thought a joke was amusing but the rude cackling woman behind you instantly ruins it. Either the whole audience was caught in the throes of laughter or I think this time I may have been that rude cackling woman. Generally I’m more of the subtle chuckler though so hopefully I’m in the clear. Regardless if you have any sense of humour, no matter what kind of laugher you are, you will find yourself smiling to the more jovial moments of this production.


Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine has had victories at Melbourne Fringe Festival as well as scoring a series of awards. We’re lucky to have it here in Brisbane right now so don’t hesitate to see it before La Boite Indie is over.

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