Joy, Fear & Poetry


Joy Fear & Poetry

La Boite Indie

The Loft, La Boite

11th July – 20th July 2013


Reviewed by Meredith McLean


Joy Fear & Poetry lingers somewhere between the real and the wrong. In this setting the wrong to me is an eerie, surreal world where children’s fears lie. Imagine a kind of graveyard for children’s nightmares.


Joy, Fear & Poetry

This is where the monsters that hide under the bed go to knock off from work and throw back a few beers before heading to their disgruntled Missus Monster.

Through the lights and sound as well as the expressions of the kids on stage we the audience or the “big kids” get to peep through a portal to this Wrong.


But it isn’t all about Fear, as Director Natasha Budd, said when I interviewed her. This is a collection of over 100 children’s’ stories. I’m not referring to picture books, I mean the real secrets of children who live in Brisbane. These stories, though many dare to shed light on some chilling and very real fears, also look at real happiness. Their very own confessions of pleasure and joy. Something as simple as climbing a tree or telling a ghost story may seem mundane, but during this performance it’s as if the children have come and whispered a secret in my ear.


But this show isn’t presented only by children. More than once Dash Kruck makes an appearance. His reimagining from news reader, to offender answering to a jury of children back to genuine and friendly man again is exactly what the transition of this show needed.


Likewise the pulse of this show would never have kept beating without the designers and crew of this production.


There is not much to say for these children that can’t already be expected. They’re young; they’re spirited and full of beans. They made the crowd laugh with their antics and stunned us into silence with their stony faces.


They’re children, it’s what they do. We have to relearn what we once knew as children ourselves, and perhaps even pick up a new trick or two along the way. One thing Joy Fear & Poetry highlighted was the changing modes of life for the oncoming generations. Mobile phones are only the tip of the iceberg! But children will always be cheeky, as they were in this show, and the crowd loved it.


With the on-going promotions for this show I was curious to see how it would pan out. Like a child I was almost impatient to see it. And now that I have I must insist you see it too.



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