Slava’s Snowshow


Slava’s Snowshow

QPAC Lyric Theatre

26 – 30 June 2013


Reviewed by Poppy Eponine & Xanthe Coward



Following his sensational performance as part of Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria, Slava went on to create his own Slava’s Snowshow which has become a multi award-winning international sensation, delighting and thrilling audiences in more than 80 cities around the world, from London’s West End to Sydney and from New York to Moscow.


Slava’s Snowshow is a fusion of traditional and contemporary theatrical clowning arts. The show brilliantly creates a world of wonderment and fantasy that transports the audience to a joyous dream-like place, where a bed becomes a boat in a storm-tossed sea; a child walks in amazement inside a bubble; boards a train and then becomes the train, his chimney-pot hat billowing smoke; and a web of unspun cotton envelopes the audience. The stunning finale sees a letter turn into snowflakes, and the flakes turn into a snowstorm, which whirls around the auditorium, leaving the audience ankle-deep in snow.





The bubbles were amazing and I loved how the snowstorm worked!




I got sad because he had to leave someone. It must have been his mum, in a big brown coat and a hat. They were at the train station before she sent him out into the world. He loved her so much and now he will miss her. It was the best hug in the world but it was sad.








It was FUNNY when the reindeer looking aliens crowd surfed and we got wet from the water bottle umbrellas. Mum shared her hoodie with me so we had some shelter, but it filled with snow. Her hoodie, her bag, and our boots – everything was filled with paper snow. Everywhere was snow! I collected it in my dress and threw it back at the new friends all around us. The boys in the front row made snowballs and threw them at each other. It was fun, everyone laughed! When we walked in there was snow and it kept on snowing. Even the special letter from his mum turned to snow. It was so fun. I loved it! It was the best!




Poppy and I had seen the iconic images of Slava, and a little of the footage on YouTube, so we knew to expect an all-encompassing cobweb, which was taken by the audience over the entire audience – over our heads – and which caught in hair, and jewellery, and acrylic nails (because who ever has time for infills anyway?)! Poppy continued to take the cobweb and pass it on, even as patrons were standing up and moving out to the foyer for Interval. Actually, I’ve never seen so few people leave the theatre during Interval, and why, in this case, would anybody want to? The show went on! It was the best Interval ever!




Act 2 began with a scene in gibberish, during which, most appropriately, Slava mumbled “Kevin Rudd” in between nonsensical words while a reindeer looking alien clown sat and knitted in a rocking chair. He may have also said something about the footy but it came across as “the state of the union”. For those of us who hadn’t checked our Twitter feed or text messages during Interval, this was a particularly delightful delivery of the news.





Slava’s Snowshow is big budget, high-tech, old-fashioned theatrical magic. I don’t actually believe that anybody could sit through this show and not be amused, delighted, amazed and moved by it. The effect the show has on its audience is a large part of the magic. When you walk in to a theatre full of paper snow, you make instant friends.


N.B. If you can, sit in the stalls. This is where the audience participation happens, and it’s near enough to the stage to see every nuance in the faces and bodies of the performers.



It’s not often that I see a show in which I become so easily and so completely immersed. I always go into a show with a reviewer’s head on, even when I know I don’t need to write it up, but it’s rare that I feel like I’ve been swept away with the rest of the audience. Slava’s Snowshow is an experience that takes us back to the last time we looked out at the world through a child’s eyes. It’s beautiful, and delightful, and fun, and a little bit bewildering. The spectacular finale, using every high-tech gadget available, just as a child would, left us in absolute awe. We were, literally, to the tune of Carmina Burana O Fortuna, blown away. This was the icing on the cake. There is NO WAY you could walk away from THAT without being impressed and over joyed! (And overwhelmed, depending on age and emotional state. Poppy had a moment, it was SO INTENSE. Also, we lost our beautiful souvenir program in the snow under the seats and it was really sad to leave without it. We didn’t realise straight away, and I forgot to pick up another when I was back at QPAC the following night for QTC’s spectacularly sexy Venus In Fur, which is the other must-see at the moment, though not for kids, obviously.


The light was BOOMING bright and no one could look at it otherwise their eyes would burst! It was so bright, like the sun; even with sunnies on you couldn’t look at it. Mum and I ducked down in our seats again and looked at it for a moment through the fur around her hoodie so we could see Slava trying to get to the light through the snowstorm. It was awesome! It was also a bit frightening because we didn’t know if that was the end of him in that little life. He came back for the curtain call and thank goodness he didn’t have the arrows through him!




Slava’s Snowshow must finish in Brisbane tomorrow Sunday 30th June 2013. Book online qpac.com.au



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