Venus in Fur: Afternoon Delight!

Afternoon Delight with the cast of Venus In Fur

Meredith McLean


I can’t wait to see this one. Venus in Fur has been lurking on the posters and walls around the city for a while now and the preview is finally here! This Saturday, Venus in Fur will have its first run with an audience. Have you booked yet?


I went to the afternoon tea with the company – conversations and drinks. It was good to mingle and see them just chill out before the five week run of this production starting this weekend.


The venue couldn’t have been better. Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall hidden on Caxton Street was superb. Very New Orleans-ish, dim lit with champagne ready. On one of the moose heads mounted on the ceiling I even spotted a bra hanging off the antlers, so no doubt fun times have been had here in the past.


Libby Munro, the leading lady in this erotic duologue for a show, was beaming the whole time. No doubt running on the adrenalin knowing the show is so soon. She announced that they were doing the tech bump-in tonight and that’s how you know it’s really happening. She even confessed she was counting down the five weeks until she could have a strong drink, because you really need your wits about you when you are the energy of the show.


The lovely director Andrea Moor got into a discussion more on the lines of Brisbane it self rather than the show when I spoke to her. We all agreed no one realizes how culturally geared Brisbane truly is. The beauty of these smaller theatres is that they can be daring and risqué unlike others. QPAC, though certainly not a small theatre, often chooses these smaller casted plays over others Moor said, because Brisbane can facilatate them faster and better than a huge 12-man or more production.


But regardless of everyone’s opinions on brisbane’s theatre scene there was a collective buzz about Venus in Fur. With drinks and posters going around, the words on everyone’s lips was “I want to see it.”


Venus in Fur will be running at QPAC from 22nd of June to 27th of July before it makes the move for the tour. Don’t hesitate to see this one. Just because I can’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t – I don’t doubt there are good things to come.


The end of a long day of casting, and playwright-director Thomas (Todd Macdonald) can’t find the right woman. He needs beautiful-sexy-articulate, young, with a “particle of brain”. He needs someone to play a mistress, but has endured a parade of 35 misfires.


Thomas is adapting Venus In Furs, the infamously kinky 1870 novel by Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch –the etymological father of masochism. It calls for a purring, confident dominatrix.


He gets more than he expected when the raging storm blows in Vanda (Libby Munro) – late, frazzled, with the very litany of the flaws he just decried. She talks of Venus in Furs as one might talk of Fifty Shades of Grey.


As the director takes a chance and allows her to read anyway, the balance of power tilts between actress and director, mistress and slave. Thomas and Vanda become two people handcuffed at the heart in David Ives’ deliciously sassy, sexy, character-driven power-play.


Take direction: Submit, and spend an evening at the mercy of Venus in Fur.



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