Charlie Chaplin comes to Noosa

I know. I’m jumping the gun again.

Chaplin – A Life. In Concert doesn’t happen until Friday.


But have you worked it out yet?! That’s right! If you don’t book you MISS OUT!


The show has received some mixed reviews but you know what I think? I think you need to see David Pomeranz in full performance mode for yourself!


David Pomeranz

One actor, one piano, one amazing performance. This is Chaplin – A Life. In Concert, a unique evening of Musical Theatre which dramatises in song, the life story of the brilliant and controversial artist, Charlie Chaplin, starring multi award winning artist, David Pomeranz.


Part Concert; part Stage Musical, Chaplin – A Life. In Concert is an imaginative, emotional and inspiring journey that leaves the audience walking on air, humming its tunes, and in love with the artistry of the great Chaplin.

“The score is a knock­out…touching, clever, theatrical…wonderful!”….­Michael Feinstein



“David Pomeranz is wonderfully talented!”­….Mel Brooks



“I would give up all of my awards, and they are many, if I could do what David Pomeranz can do with his music.”­….Richard Harris



“This young man has captured the soul of the man I knew so well.”….­Jerry Epstein  (Charlie’s associate producer and “right hand” for more than 30 years)



“Straight from the heart…brilliant!”….Southern Evening Echo



I’m checking out Chaplin – A Life. In Concert on Friday night! See you at The J Theatre for 6pm

AND MEOW MEOW from 9:15pm (sorry, it’s sold out!).




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