The DAM(N) Project premieres at Floating Land 2013


The DAM(N) Project Premieres at Floating Land Closing Ceremony


Remember we went to the Encounters Festival at the Con to see Leah Barclay’s DAM(N) Project presentation? Poppy came away a little frightened (the music was so eerie at times), Sam came away angry (the injustice had him furious), and I was incredibly moved by an enormous story told simply and beautifully through evocative sound and images. I know, you were busy, and you missed it! But now you can see the LIVE PERFORMANCE TOMORROW NIGHT AT BOREEN POINT FOLLOWING FLOATING LAND’S CLOSING CEREMONY.



On Saturday June 8th The DAM(N) project will present their first major live performance in Australia – a site-specific work combining projections, dance and soundscapes in collaboration with Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, India’s leading contemporary dance company. The work features as part of the 2013 Floating Land Festival, and will be presented on the Main Beach at Boreen Point after the Closing Ceremony this Saturday night.


Two of Attakkalari’s most accomplished dancers Ronita Mookerji and Sylvester Mardi have working in Australia for the last two weeks intensely developing this site-specific project for Floating Land 2013. This will be the first time Ronita and Sylvester perform in Australia.



The DAM(N) Project is a large-scale interdisciplinary arts project that connects Australian and Indian communities around the common concern of global water security. The project was conceived and developed by Sydney based producer/director Jehan Kanga, Queensland based composer Leah Barclay and S. Shakthidharan, the director of CuriousWorks.

DAM(N) delves into the heart of the Narmada Valley, working directly with remote communities in central North India, displaced by large-scale dams securing hydropower for Indian cities. Water scarcity is a significant issue for both Australia and India and the issue of controlling and managing hydrological systems is extremely politicised in both countries. The construction of large dams on the River Narmada in India and its impact on over 30 million of people living in the river valley has become one of the most important social issues in contemporary India.

IMG_2567-1024x682Ultimately, the DAM(N) project is designed to connect global communities around the common concern of global water security and reveal the ramifications of damming rivers that hold cultural and spiritual significance for indigenous communities world-wide.


This first stage of The DAM(N) Project highlights the validity of community engagement, social activism and digital technology in environmentally engaged interdisciplinary art practice. While the initial stage is focused on the relationship between Australian and India, the long-term vision for The DAM(N) Project expands into other communities and cultures worldwide.


The performance tomorrow night presents a rare opportunity to see a very intimate work by some of Australia’s and India’s best young artists.


The performance runs for 45 minutes at the Main Beach at Boreen Point from 7-7:45pm on Saturday June 8 2013




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