Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Powerhouse Theatre

Wednesday 15th – Saturday 18th 2013

Reviewed by Maree Butterworth


Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow

Featuring: Loretta Maine (UK), Asher Treleaven, Nazeem Hussain, Tom Deacon (UK), and Tommy Little.



I ALWAYS approach a show like this somewhat skeptically, my subconscious being slightly defiant; “they want me to laugh – maybe I won’t”.


Well that mentality was quickly thrown out the window when I attended the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow last night at Brisbane’s Powerhouse Theatre.


From a man (Asher Treleaven – Aus) who laughs reviewers in the face – including one that referred to him as a “spider in a microwave”, to Loretta Maine (UK) who portrays a character that is an angry, dishevelled man-hater who dabbles in a lot of white wine – this show is something that, no matter what you’re interested in – provided you can handle a little swearing – should make you walk away feeling that you’ve had a good chuckle.


Tommy Little

We then have the quirky humour from Tom Deacon (UK) who admits living with his girlfriend may not be about love but instead, about cheaper rent, to Tommy Little a suave clever comedic who seems very natural on stage – and you listen as if you are in a conversation with a mate. Then we have Nazeem Hussain whose repertoire is based upon up-ending stereotypes to do with the Muslim community and finding the comedy in jokingly setting them back in place.


Treleaven does a good job as the host, with his jokes that he admits are reflective of him being a man of many contradictions – “I’m a well-dressed man from Mt Isa”. He is an active comedian who moves around the stage in prances and mini-dances. While another critic may find fault with this, I think Treleaven is funniest when he moves around the stage because he is well dressed (his style – a somewhat dated attire) making untidy, imprecise pirouettes and leaps seem so unnatural, making the entire act naturally hilarious.


A highlight of the show was Maine, her face mascara stained, and blonde hair skewed and teased as if she’d just got out of bed, she staggered on stage with her guitar and began telling a few stories through song, including a number about a guy who left her (it didn’t end well for the guy); a bully to whom she avenged (it didn’t end well for the bully), and then a song with an audience member – impromptu and inclusive of well-timed rhymes in Rowan Keating style – a masterpiece.


If you are keen for a good night, a well earned chuckle then make sure you try and catch the last two shows. And if you are shy – for the love of God – Don’t sit in the front row!!!


The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow runs at Brisbane’s Powerhouse Theatre until Saturday May 17. Be quick!


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