Uta Uber Kool Ja


Uta Über Kool Ja

Judith Wright Centre & Army of Love

Judith Wright Centre

8th-18th of May 2013


Reviewed by Guy Frawley


Uta Uber Kool JaAs the delicious George warned, in the cramped waiting room as we prepared to enter the penthouse, there best not be any Debbie Downers around or they can just fuck off right now.


By the grace of GAGA Debbie didn’t once rear her dreary head and it was an evening full of A-Listers, with no star shining brighter than Uta’s. I laughed, I cringed, I whispered French apologies into the small of her neck and guzzled a glass of bubbles.



The term audience participation isn’t really adequate in this situation…



audience immersion is closer to the mark but still not quite there. As far as social experiences go, Uta Über Kool Ja is the very definition of artificial and staged, yet somehow I left the Judy feeling like I’d just walked out of one of the best house parties I’d been to in a long while.



I’m sure the Scissor Sisters must be some of Uta’s many celebrity friends for this is a woman who knows how to have a Kiki.



With a blast of glitter, champagne and the whiff of faded dreams, Uta and her assistant/manager George easily blew away my ennui.


It wasn’t all just free flowing champagne, neoprene sex harnesses and schlager euro pop though. The flashes of desperation and fear that fought their way out of her eyes were chilling, even more so when her face was twisted into a manic smile. Behind her mind-blowing body and painted face you saw moments of that look…the one that reminds you of Tara Reid or Lindsay Lohan.


From the moment we entered the foyer George was on hand to make us feel at home and throughout the evening he remained always the gracious host. Plying us with liquor and serving as our etiquette guide. I laughed with my friend Lisa as we left, and walking out of the studio it felt just like the “long goodbye” so common at the end of a leisurely Saturday night dinner.


Uta Uber Kool Ja

After seeing a show from which I walk out of buzzing on a high (only champagne, I swear), I normally want to book tickets to experience it again. But not this one. In the same way you can never recreate the exact vibe of a great soiree, I’m almost certain that it wouldn’t live up to my first ever after-party with Uta Über Kool Ja.


I’m hesitant to actually go into specific details; the unexpected is half the fun! However they’re on to a great thing here.


I’ll be interested to see if we see more in this intimate, immersive vein…



Ignore your better judgement and come join Uta’s Army of Love.



You have just six more chances to party with Uta (Georgina Symes) & George (Nic Dorwood). Snap up your tickets, which are strictly limited due to the intimate setting, a bottle of wine and head upstairs to the party. The title says it all, Ja, ist über kool.



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