The Seance


The Séance 

La Boite Theatre

La Boite Indie & No Show Production

Supported by QPAC

8th – 25th May 2013


Reviewed by Meredith McLean


The Séance is an intimate performance encounter for a circle of people who wish to make contact with the ghost of a deceased Hollywood celebrity. With sixth senses attuned and palms turned skyward, sitters will invite into the room a 
restless spirit from the other side…


After an acclaimed premiere season at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2012, this immersive experience manifests at La Boite sparkling with shamanic incantations and abstract pop covers. Sixteen participants converge in an undisclosed location near La Boite, bringing with them an open mind, a willing body, and the desire to believe.


Maybe you will see the face of God. Maybe nothing will happen.


This one is so hard to review. Not because it was a bad show, in fact I had a wonderful time seeing The Séance at La Boite. But this one I really, really don’t want to give anything away from. The whole show lies in the surprise.


There is mystery right from the get-go in this one. The entire production is nothing as I expected and I welcome a good surprise whether be pleasant, mysterious, spooky or down right funny.


A lot of superstitions about theatres are touched on in this one too. But you’ll learn all about that if you come along for the ride. While waiting in the warmth of the foyer there’s plenty to drink, plenty to eat and plenty chatter to be had. You are given a rose and a neck ornament to wear signifying that you are in the next group for the adventure. I know the cast couldn’t control it but once you’re called to join outside the chill of the wind really does set the scene.


Despite this being a predominately one-woman-show with the talented Sophie Webb there are a lot of “spirits” involved in this show. No Show for starters is the unqiue collaboration of people who try to create theatre that bends to the will of it’s surroundings and the people in it, not the other way around. Such members of No Show include Bridget Balodis and Mark Pritchard who co-created The Séance with Sophie Webb.


Without giving too much away I must say Sophie Webb has a fantastic voice. I really envy her. Classically trained in singing Sophie Webb has done theatre, creative projects, musicals and even featured in the television series Underbelly for a time. I don’t know if it was just the good nature of the opening night crowd or if, and I hope, every audience will in fact give her a standing ovation. She was definitely the perfect choice for the role. But I’m afraid if I give away any more details I’ll spoil the show. This unique project is something you can’t really read about, you have to experience it for yourself.


The Seance

I do warn you though. It is very interactive, very dark and a damn good show. So if you’re uncomfortable holding a stranger’s hand or sitting in a spooky, low-lit theatre crowded with eerie props then perhaps you will be a little uncomfortable. But if you can put all that aside and go into a wonderful night knowing not what to expect this is quite a show for anyone.




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