In Between After-Parties: A Chat With the Fabulous Uta Uber


The bottom of the barrel never looked so good.


You’re invited, dahling, to the comeback after-party of THE tragic fallen fashionista Uta Uber Kool Ja. Uta is baring all: she’ll dance for you; cry at you; laugh with you. Her intimate party takes place inside the chic penthouse apartment atop the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.


A favourite of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival, this actor/feminist/pop star/artist/designer/exhibitionist/rock star is something like Norma Desmond meets Norman Gunston.


Every inch of the room is Uta’s stage and the audience are her guests.


We caught up with Uta and apologised on your behalf, Brisbane, for the lack of fanfare upon her arrival.

Uta Uber Kool Ja

Uta, you’re in Brisvegas! What took you so long?!

I know, I’m sorry. I am always targeted at customs because of a memorable incident with a misplaced prescription for my anxiety (inducing) medication. I think I’m also on a “watch list” given I accepted an endorsement contract from the Bin Laden family’s construction company in the 90’s.



I know there were no paparazzi when you arrived in Brisbane. I’m sorry about that. What sort of welcome were you expecting?

Oh nothing out of the ordinary, just photographers from all the major international press services, plus screaming local fans, and a police escort. Instead, all I got was my manager George offering me a “Boost juice”…



We’ll make it up to you. We’ve been ready to celebrate with you for ages. We love a good party and you’ve been at it since Wednesday. If we can still make it, what should we expect from your party at The Judy?

People should expect frivolity, surprises and costume changes aplenty. Really though, you should only expect to receive what you bring – my parties are a wonderful intimate affair and you only get back what you put in!




You’ve been winning awards since 2011. Are we talking fashion awards? How do you define your style?

Definitely “iconic”…. My manager tells me that to be a modern celebrity you need to have your own fashion line, so we’re launching it soon – it’s called “Kaleidoscopic Pheromonic.”  Fashion, for me, should be utterly over complicated and take hours to put on. People should see you walk down the street and think “that’s a lot of effort.”



Favourite designers?

I’ve had great friendships with many brilliant female designers over the years. Viv Westwood (we’re currently not speaking due to a lawsuit), Donatella Versace (we met in eating disorder rehab). I also love all these lovely young designers I meet in my travels because I can’t afford nice things any more, and they give me things for free.



What about dress code? What should we wear to your party?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. It’s striclty ‘come as you are’ with me.



You’re an actor/feminist/pop star/artist/designer/exhibitionist/rock star…

How do you define feminism? How does feminism inform your work?

I’ve often been a victim of female jealousy, it’s an important cause of mine. I believe that women pit themselves against each other when the real enemy is men. Specifically, my ex-husbands.



How did you come to be so fabulous?

I was born on a yacht to a model mother and a pilot father.



Do you cook? What do you like to cook?

I haven’t eaten in a while…



Best ever pick-up line?

“I remember you…”



Uta Uber Kool Ja

What’s on your rider? Must you also avoid (blue) M&Ms?

No edible material within 150 mtrs, I’m on the comeback trail and I can’t be tempted. Booze everywhere, Pol Roger preferred.



Favourite dessert?

A Lucky Strike.



Favourite champagne?

Pol Roger!



What’s on your playlist?

Is this about technology? I don’t understand.



What’s in your handbag?

Secrets, and a smaller handbag.



Describe an ordinary day.

Get revived by my manager, quick Bloody Mary to get things moving (throw away the celery) then meetings meetings meetings (or lie in bed crying).


Who inspires you?

The woman I want to be.



Who disgusts you?

The woman I was.



You’re making a television show of course. Can you tell us about it yet?

It’s all a bit hush hush but let’s just say Australia is ready to get “real” with me on my comeback trail…



What else should we know about you before we turn up on your hotel doorstep?

No refunds.




Uta has just two more days here and she’s hosting four more fabulous parties so you better be quick to book your place before the champagne goes flat!

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