The Listies 6D – Twice as Good as 3D

The Listies 6D

Brisbane Powerhouse

April 3rd – April 6th 2013


Reviewed by Meredith McLean


This is one of those nights you go in expecting an average night and come out with sore cheeks from laughing too hard. I feel a little guilty. I went to the Visy Theatre at Brisbane’s Powerhouse expecting two hours of just fart jokes and parents who can’t control their children. I thought I was going to be the grumpy grandma in the room. But that’s the error I made when seeing The Listies on Saturday.


Unbeknownst to me until I had a peek on their website for more than just a bit of research (more on that later). I found out Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins had a slew of previous shows. They started as “The List Operators” focusing on more adult comedy shows, but diverged into a series of kids’ shows that parents can enjoy too.


Contrary to my first apprehensions Matt and Rich knew how to entertain the whole crowd It’s not so much as adding jokes that go over the little ones heads just for the parents. Instead they transformed everyone in the room making the grown ups just big kids laughing along too.



If you’re on the ball you should try to pick up as many movie references as you can count, the dialogue is littered with them. But there’s your fair share of slapstick too naturally. Matt Kelly makes a surprisingly convincing granny when he gets in his drag. But I can’t mention him without applauding his partner in crime. Richard Higgins is the kind of guy I’d like to hang out with in a bar. He just seems like a genuinely funny and fascinating man.


I’m curious to see their adult shows. I did a bit of snooping around Youtube and found the absurd nature of Matt Kelly doesn’t waver just because the kids are in bed. Neither does the articulated wit of Richard Higgins become too over-bearing. It’s a classic good cop – bad cop duo and they do it well.


The whole theme of this particular show, The Listies 6D – twice as good as 3D, was obviously movies and film culture. So when Matt and Rich buy a new camera, an actual GoPro, I was surprised to notice the recording light was flashing. We then, as audience and performers together, helped to create our own movie. Rich then went on to explain if you subscribe via email to their website and select which show you attended they will email you the video you were captured in once it’s edited.


In a childish way I can’t wait to see it. But it’s disappointing because it was the last show for Queensland. The Listies 6D is leaving Brisbane and moving on. They’ll be doing shows in Melbourne and Sydney from the 9th to the 28th of April. So if you happen to be in either of those cities around that time of the year I assure you this show will be a treat for the whole family.



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