WTF Wrap Up: Week 2

The strange power of art is sometimes it can show that what people have in common is more urgent than what differentiates them.

–     John Berger






The vibe was so different this year! Did anybody else besides Zo and I talk about that?! Brisbane Powerhouse, from top to bottom and from inside out resonated this time round with the impact of a production team that changed a year and a half ago. The place was buzzing with theatre lovers, theatre makers, and randoms from everywhere. (It’s the randoms that fascinate me!).

Somebody (random) asked me, “Well, is this really what Brisbane needs? Another festival? A World Theatre Festival? A few select shows from… wherever?” AAAAAARGH! YES! IT IS ABSOLUTELY WHAT BRISBANE NEEDS! I’m sure Box Office will reflect one aspect of the success of this festival this year. And I know that many other aspects of the festival can be considered hugely successful, including its appeal, its reach, its challenges to writers, directors, designers, performers, producers and publicity peeps, its many and varied challenges to the local and global communities, its unfailing ability to bring together people from all walks, inspiring discussion and debate, and its undeniable entertainment value.




These are some of the things I’ll think of when I remember that the World Theatre Festival is more than its shows from wherever



It really felt like this much rain again. (The ‘flood’ sculpture outside the Brisbane Powerhouse at New Farm, erected to commemorate the 1974 floods, was partially submerged on 12 January, 2011!).



Topping up the Flowtoll account twice in two weeks because that’s how often I’ve been travelling through those eerily empty tunnels. I would never go the old way to avoid the toll because when you’re stuck in heavy south-bound traffic on the Bruce Highway with around 36 minutes to get to a show those tunnels are BLESSINGS. BLESSINGS I say.


Margarita pizza and Rockbare Shiraz enjoyed in the bar, at a table too tiny to sit both food and drink upon.


Intense conversations happening everywhere, in every nook and cranny, in every doorway, on every stairwell, about theatre and theatre making, and CHEESE.


Fleeting conversations, hugs and kisses (on both cheeks), with friends, performers and creators, with whom I’d dearly love to spend more time.


Speaking with the writer of White Rabbit Red Rabbit, Nassim, and promising to email him.



Laughing until my face ached at Gob Squad’s Kitchen (You’ve Never Had It So Good).



Feeling nauseous next to a plate of liver and onions, served during Reckless Sleepers’ The Last Supper.



Feeling like everything – EVERYTHING – is worthwhile doing and saying, as a friend and I shared Alice Slattery’s chocolate cake in the Visy Theatre during HotForTheatre’s I Heart Alice Heart I.


Chatting with convivial bar staff. Always being served by the tallest fellow, standing head and shoulders above the girls, who laughs every time I ask him if he’s managed to get to anything yet!



Getting to Richard Schechner’s conversation with Robyn Archer, after dreadful traffic from the Sunshine Coast on yet another rainy day, and being overwhelmed by hearing again about his vast body of work, his “apprenticeship” approach to actor training, and rasaesthetics.


Looking out over the Brisbane River and wondering/imagining who actually lives in that big brown house.


Men in thongs at the theatre. Really. Looks like we’re wearing flip flops to the theatre now.



This clip is great. It’s totally unrelated and wholly relevant. Hope to see you in a theatre soon because when you look around, in between World Theatre Festivals, there’s a whole world of theatre here…




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