Woodford Folk Festival: Day 1

We’ve been at Woodfordia – the Woodford Folk Festival site – since 8am on Boxing Day. That’s right. While you were sleeping in after a massive Christmas Day, we were settling into our camp site and setting up our venue: The Mystery Bus. The Mystery Bus has never seen so many props, set pieces and bits and pieces of gadgetry so there was a lot to do before the punters were granted entry!

Congrats and thanks to Laura and the ticketing team for making our arrival a beautiful thing of smiling efficiency and good humour. The guys and girls out front have a mammoth job to do, welcoming artists and making sure we have everything we need before the production (and various other teams) check in. It’s the hard-working teams, under confident leadership, that make so many aspects of the Woodford Folk Festival so easily managed.

We arrived in rain so nothing unusual there, but I was hoping that was the extent of it! HA! Actually, I was hoping we’d be getting a lovely shower each afternoon, as we did last year; rain to settle the dust and cool us down. So far so good. Having said that, it’s continued to rain on and off throughout this evening’s major events: the welcome ceremony, our mate Darren Percival, and Angus Stone. Tip for the punters: Always come prepared for the rain! After some shopping today, Poppy has a waterproof cotton parasol, and Sam and I are grateful for our enormous rainbow bright umbrellas…The best twenty bucks you can spend at Woodford! We also seemed to somehow acquire –

– another Amsterdam skirt. I’d picked one up at Eumundi Markets and knew Monique intended to bring out a heap to the festival. The skirts are reversible and each has a detachable bag and belt. Perfect for trekking through Woodfordia.

– a felt hat from the beanie shop. Wesley, Jo says HI! She spoke so fondly of the fascinating process she was involved in during the research, writing and rehearsal stages of QTC’s A Head Full of Love. Poppy chose a beanie we both loved and I was happy to hand over our cash to help raise some extra dollars for new dialysis machines in remote areas of Australia.

– a Sea Shepherd dolphin necklace. I’m so proud of Poppy. She was determined to speak with the Sea Shepherd guy and give him some extra coins after she’d bought her necklace “for the turtles too”.

– feather earrings to match the Salita Matthews necklace. I know. The colours are perfect. I couldn’t help it!

Meanwhile, down at The Mystery Bus, which is next door to The Gremlins, whose show this year is directed by Hayden Spencer (you’ll also see Carita about; she’s hosting the Dancing with the Gremlins comp), and the Mutant Barnyard (don’t ask), we are having a ball! You know only the boys are involved in the show this year, don’t you? That leaves the girls to look after the photographic evidence, social media and the artists. The artists are a joy and they love coming to do The Mystery Bus. Many of them tell us it’s their fave gig of the festival! It’s such FUN! Of course, the whole mystery is that you don’t know which festival headline act you’ll get to see… See? FUN!

If you’re following us on Twitter and Instagram, you will have seen lots of festival images already.

Use the hashtags –

– #woodfordlove

– #woodford2012

– #mysterybus

And let us know if you’re at Woodfordia!

However, let me tell you that the Internet connection, or the lack of it, is a problem. If you’re here you know it. For those of you playing at home, you’ll understand why you’re seeing sporadic updates and suddenly a flurry of pics and comments! I’ve spoken with the media team today and as much as they are working on it, there’s little they can do to improve access this year. That means there are some things on the list for next year. In the meantime, even with 3G and 4G connection you’ll need to be patient. So many people give up their gadgets for the week but so many more are wanting to tweet and share images and comments. And that means that literally thousands of people out here are online. Try to avoid peak times and enjoy the festival – in real life – in between status updates! Serious! If you stop looking around you’ll start missing the magical moments. And there are MANY. What’s been your favourite event, experience, meal, music and venue so far?

Now, although we missed yoga today we did do Tai Chi, and we found Byron Bay doughnuts and Bill’s Bar; it’s new and it’s the fave hangout this Woodford! #FTW

That’s Day 1 done! Happy Woodford!


1 Response to “Woodford Folk Festival: Day 1”

  1. 1 Andy Clark
    January 14, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    When asked what was my Woodford highlight I could have said KM-H’s 2 shows, but that was too predictable. I said The Mystery Bus, as I had said to my friend that it would be amazing if we got to see Emma Louise in TMB & WE DID. Emma was also charming, as ever, when she signed my “MY HEAD IS A JUNGLE” hat I had made for Splendour.

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