Noosa Arts Theatre



Noosa Arts Theatre

21st November – 1st December 2012


Directed by Jane Rivers


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward


Two weeks, three couples and one caravan…


what could possibly go wrong?


What a lovely, funny Aussie romp!


We know the couples. We recognise them instantly. They’re our best friends; the people we know and love and the people we love to hate. We recognise the qualities that come to the surface when the pressure is on.




We see the Glamper, Monica (Sharon Grimley), who complains about no hot water and poor caravan conditions. Grimley’s sneer is priceless and her drunk acting is up there with the best we’ve seen on the Sunshine Coast. (It’s all about the equilibrium, kids! When we want to show “drunk” we do our best not to appear drunk!). Then there’s The Wet Blanket, Penny (Jenni McCaul), who suffers through years of horrendous holidays and then spoils the perfect trip with the truth, and the Too-Young-Girlfried, Gwendolyn (Anna McMahon), who has recently returned from a three year stint in an ashram in India. Of course their men have diametrically opposing agendas, which makes for a few additional mishaps. Frank Wilkie milks the physical comedy and earns his laughs. Brett Klease takes us over that edge and into hysterics with his facial and sexual antics, and Steve Mitchell, the English gadabout, amuses and frustrates everybody with the Too-Young-Girlfriend. They all want to enjoy the holiday but when past indiscretions begin to pour down with the rain, existing together in the damp, cramped quarters of the caravan becomes a challenge even for the best of friends.


Donald MacDonald’s script is one of two – he rewrote it – and this is the original, with all its action. Well known Sunshine Coast director, Jane Rivers, has put together a fine design (although we get some distracting shadows from the lighting design it’s an easy fix), and a top cast, which Rivers has running at a cracking pace; they’re slick and completely comfortable with each other.


This is a fast, funny show and I should tell you that the two week season is almost sold out!


Already popular with the Grey Nomads and the Summer Rain set, Caravan is a sure-fire hit! Get to the theatre on Weyba Road early, enjoy a drink with some friends and get ready to laugh out loud at Noosa’s latest offering.


Grey Nomads

The Grey Nomads, who were passing through and elected to see the opening night of Donald MacDonald’s Caravan while in Noosa. Image by Andrew Seymour.

Featuring: Frank Wilkie, Jenni McCaul, Brett Klease, Sharon Grimley, Steve Mitchell and Anna McMahon.


Evenings: November 21, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30 and December 1 at 7:30pm

Matinees: Sunday November 25 at 2pm

Charity Fundraiser for Sunshine Butterflies: November 28 at 7:30pm

Bookings: 07 5449 9343 Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 12pm or online

David and Kristin Williamson

Kristin and David Williamson (Patron of Noosa Arts) at the opening night of Donald MacDonald’s comedy, Caravan. Image by Andrew Seymour.

Caravan Noosa Arts


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