The Kransky Sisters

The Kransky Sisters


Piece of Cake

The Kransky Sisters

Brisbane Cabaret Festival

Judith Wright Centre

Friday 2nd November 2012


Reviewed by Andy Clark


This oddball musical trio marry curious real life stories with a host of uniquely homemade arrangements of popular songs gleaned from their old wireless in a highly entertaining event.

The combination of the Sisters’ sheltered view of the world seen through their superbly droll comic dialogue, and alluring musical sound makes this night out with your strange old aunts an unforgettable experience.

Featuring the enigmatic talents of Annie Lee, Christine Johnston and Carolyn Johns.


The Kransky Sisters

The Kransky Sisters are currently celebrating Dawn Kransky’s birthday with a national tour entitled Piece Of Cake. They are unsure of Dawn’s precise Birthday, as she has a different father to Mourne and Eve Kransky, but it is somewhere between June and December.

The 3 sisters left their quaint TV free Amish-esque upbringing in Esk in Queensland a few years ago and have been touring the world ever since, telling stories of their childhood adventures and how Dawn is very different to the other 2 sisters. One story they tell is about auditions for Esk’s Pantomime of Cinderella and this panto strikes a distinct similarity with their own childhood, with Dawn being the odd child.

To say their renditions of classic songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Single Ladies are very original, would be an absolute understatement. Eve’s use of a saw and a toilet brush as musical instruments is both ingenious and  hilarious. A Kransky’s show is in fact non-stop hilarity. Just when you think your face cannot grin any more, they turn their mid-song conversation/argument into the lyrics of the song they were within and your face starts to hurt from happiness.

The poster for this SOLD OUT event states that The Kransky Sisters are now challenging Dame Edna for popularity. I agree wholeheartedly and I think they deserve their own show on the ABC, so they can give us regular injections of their interpretations of the songs they have heard on their wireless.

In this modern age of computerised soda pop muzak The Kransky Sisters are a delightful pleasure and I would highly recommend sharing an evening with them at your next opportunity. Tour details here.





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