An Unexpected Variety Show: Brisbane Cabaret Festival

Jenny Wynter The Unexpected Variety Show

Sisters Unite Onstage in Wynter Wonderland

Brisbane sisters Jenny Wynter (comedienne “Comic Mummy” and cabaret artist) and Angeline Wynter (singer-songwriter) grew up barely knowing their mother, Diane, a singer who tragically died of an aneurism when the girls were just 5 and 2 respectively.

Now, almost thirty years after their mother’s untimely passing, the sisters will finally share a stage in a special one-off performance at the Judith Wright Centre as part of the Brisbane Cabaret Festival on November 7.

The night will feature Jenny’s award-winning one-woman cabaret “An Unexpected Variety Show” (it won the Award for Excellence in Cabaret at last year’s Melbourne Fringe and went on to sell out seasons at Adelaide Fringe & Melbourne International Comedy Festival), with a support performance from the sisters’ newest project, acapella cabaret group “Betty and the Betties.”

Jenny says performing her one-woman cabaret, which, in one of the show’s more moving moments, features her singing a duet onstage with a recording of her deceased mother’s originals, has been “a highlight of my life, but just so emotionally exhausting. At first performing that song (with my mother) was really cathartic, and of course the feeling of finally sharing my mother’s art with an audience all these years later is just…incredible. I still love that. But now it’s gotten to the point where I feel like I’m hurting myself every night by doing it. I am thrilled I can give the show a fitting farewell performance here in Brisbane in front of a home crowd, record it, get it out as a DVD and then move on to some happier stuff for a while!”

And “happier stuff” is exactly where Betty and the Betties comes in!

Betty and the Betties

An outfit which brought the sisters together earlier this year, and which Angeline describes as “part war-time tunes, part contemporary Aussie classics, part comedy, part cabaret, total fun!”, the sisters agree their collaboration was well overdue.

“We’ve of course, sung together for fun since we were toddlers strutting about!” says Angeline. “But professionally, with Jen focusing on comedy and me on my soul and funk projects, the opportunity to get up onstage together just never really happened. Until this idea sprung up. Being raised by our grandmother gave us both a huge love of the old-time war songs, that whole era, the outfits, everything.”

Says Jenny: “It’s been so much ridiculous fun already, I only wish we’d started years ago!”

An Unexpected Variety Show supported by Betty and the Betties

Jenny Wynter


Judith Wright Centre

Wednesday November 7

Jenny Wynter


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