Saturn Returns: Brisbane Cabaret Festival

Brisbane Cabaret Festival


An inter-galactic comedy cabaret confessional

Written and Performed by Simon Abrahams and Lachlan MacLeod

Saturn Returns is an inter-galactic comedy cabaret confessional about one of life’s most terrifying times: Turning Thirty.  Singer-songwriter Lachlan MacLeod and performer-producer Simon Abrahams perform ten original songs in a carefully constructed 60-minute romp about coming of age, coming down and coming to terms with life when the planets don’t quite line up the way you’ve planned.

Abrahams and MacLeod (one on each side of the Big-Three-Oh) explore the astrological phenomenon of Saturn Returns – the 29.5 years that it takes for Saturn to orbit the Earth.  As Baby Boomers and Generation Xers will know, turning 30 is commonly a time of turmoil, confusion & change as people ponder time, structure, responsibility, power & accomplishment, or lack thereof.  And for Generation Y who are living the experience right now, it’s perfect fodder for cabaret.

Original songs include U.R.A.N.U.S, What If I’m Pluto?, I’m Getting Fat, F..k You Gravity and Back to Earth.

Abrahams and MacLeod have recorded an album featuring all ten songs from the show, which will be on sale after the show.

See them before they start turning grey, going bald and getting fat.  The clock is ticking.

Lachlan MacLeod and Simon Abrahams have performed together on stages in New York, Washington, London, Dublin, Seoul, Scotland and throughout Australia.  Their combined credits include Emergency Exits at the New York International Fringe Festival, and We Built This City for Polyglot Theatre at the Sydney Opera House, London’s Royal National Theatre, the National Theatre of Korea and the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.  Abrahams’ is one of Melbourne’s leading culture makers as a producer, curator and arts advocate, working with organisations including Arts Centre Melbourne and Theatre Network Victoria.  MacLeod performs extensively with Polyglot and with Phunktional Theatre, and has had his original music performed at Hamer Hall and the Sydney Opera House by the Australian Girls’ Choir.  In 2011, he performed a solo cabaret work, A Very Merry Christmas at the Butterfly Club.

26th & 28th October 2012.

Friday @ 8pm and Sunday Night @ 7pm  

StageDoor Dinner Theatre, Bowen Hills. Brisbane

Book Now on (07) 3216 1115

Or online at



Saturn Returns



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