The Sunshine Coast Arts, Convention & Entertainment Inc (ACE) Launch – Sam Coward

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Launched on October 9th 2012

Watch all videos from the launch event here

The Sunshine Coasts Arts and Entertainment Centre Incorporated 

is a community-based organisation which initiated and promotes this major

community project…


ACE Artists Impression

The Sunshine Coast Arts, Convention and Entertainment Inc.


ACE is a totally non-political organisation and has supporters from all sides of politics.


We begin by acknowledging the traditional peoples of the land on which we meet.

We pay our respects to them for their care of the land on which this community project will be built.



The objective of the Association is to maintain the Community push to ensure the Sunshine Coast Arts, Convention, Entertainment and Exhibition Centre, a world class facility, comes to fruition. The Executive will continue to work with and lobby all levels of government for project funding; stimulate and encourage private enterprise to joint venture opportunities and be willing as a group to initiate and assist with community fundraising programs in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

The Association will through the media, public meetings and promotional activities continue to inform and involve the community of the benefits to maintain their support and enthusiasm for the proposed ACE project.

The Sunshine Coast Arts, Convention, Entertainment and Exhibition Centre will become the economic, social and cultural powerhouse of the entire region. This project was previously supported by local, State and Federal government representatives, and over 250,000 residents of the wider Sunshine Coast region.

This landmark development will not only capitalise on the established cultural scene, but most importantly, it will house major events, drive business growth and tourism diversity, attracting much-needed new industry and investors to the region.

Without this world-class facility and the accompanying International Hotel, our community will remain culturally impoverished and our economy will continue to stagnate.

This is not just a grand vision, but an economic imperative, one for which future generations will truly be thankful.

We invite your support to participate in the continuing evolution of the project either as an ACE member, patron or ambassador.

ACE Artists Impressions

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