Brisbane Arts Theatre 24th Annual Drama Festival


Brisbane Arts Theatre 24th Annual Drama Festival

Brisbane Arts Theatre 24th Annual Drama Festival begins tonight!

This is the fourth leg of the South East Queensland Drama Festival Circuit so we are well and truly underway! This morning, with the expertise of Simon Van der Spoel (Channel 7), we shot a fun TVC for the upcoming Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival. In the meantime, see what you can at Brisbane Arts Theatre this weekend!

Yours truly will be adjudicating. I’ll post all results here after the event.

From the early 1970s to 1987 The Brisbane Warana Drama Festival was staged each year at the Brisbane Arts Theatre and was one of the major theatrical events in Brisbane. When the Warana Festival folded, the Arts Theatre began the current Drama Festival, under its own banner. The first was held in 1988 and continues today!

There are two sections – Youth (for performers up to and including 18 years of age) and Open (for performers of all ages).

All tickets are $12.




Friday 20th July. 7.30pm curtain up.


1st – “Cut” Downstage Theatre Company (running time 40 mins)

2nd – “Downsize” Vanity Project (running time 30 mins)

3rd – “Freedom” KSP Theatre (running time 35 mins)


Saturday 21st July. 7.00pm curtain up.


1st – “Crush” The Hills Players Inc (running time 45 mins)

2nd – “Still Life” Miranda’s Dressing Room (running time 30 mins)

3rd – “I’m a Pisces, he’s an Asshole” SAD Theatre (running time 30 mins)

4th – “Level 12” Golden Glove Productions (running time 35 mins)


Sunday 22nd July. 9.30am curtain up: YOUTH SECTION


1st – “Gossip” Danceworks (running time 25 – 30 mins)

2nd – “The Pirate Game” Fractal Theatre (running time 35 mins)

3rd – “Whatever Happened to Humpty?” Fractal Theatre (running time 45 mins)


Youth Awards – approximate start time midday


After Youth Awards will be the Festival BBQ starting between 12.30pm and 1.00pm

$8/person for a delicious range of burgers, sausages and salads. As well as some delicious sweets kindly donated by Pamela’s Pantry, Caxton Street.


Pamela's Pantry Caxton Street


Sunday 22nd July later session. 3.00pm curtain up.


1st – “Narcissistica” Excalibur Theatre Company (running time 45 mins)
2nd – “Four-Play” Puddleduck Theatre Company (running time 40 mins)
3rd – “Who the F%$# is Erica Price?” – Brisbane Arts Theatre (running time 35 mins)


4th – “All For the Nation” Ipswich Little Theatre Society Inc (running time 30 mins)
5th – “Dead End” Crashbox Theatre Inc (running time 35 mins)


Adjudicator’s deliberation and Awards Ceremony – approximate start time 7:30pm


Level 12 Golden Glove Productions

Sarah Greenwood, Reagan Warner & Kate Beck will appear in Golden Glove Productions’ Level 12





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