That Scottish Play: deliciously wicked!

My husband Sam, who you know is the President of the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance,
is at Lind Lane Theatre tonight, rehearsing for what I’m predicting will be
Why? Because it’s a parody of all things community theatre…and it’s all true! Well, okay; to be safe, let’s just say it’s “inspired by true events”.
Sam says of the show, “In true Denver style, this is chaos on speed!”
Locals will recognise many familiar faces not only on stage but within the references and in-house jokes, which Simon Denver has ingeniously (or is that just deliciously wickedly?) mashed together in order to present the play we had to have. Or is it a musical? Let’s use Midsummer’s line and call it “a play with songs”.
With Darren Heskes (MD) on board, we can certainly expect to hear some clever little musical references.
If you’ve ever been involved in community theatre anywhere, you will love this show.
(Actually, there’s a slim chance you’ll loathe it but that’s only if you’re unable to have a laugh at yourself!)
By the way, you might have noticed that on certain publicity materials my name appears, however; I was unable to commit to early rehearsals due to my involvement in Travelling North. Wait. Were there early rehearsals?!
I can’t wait to see what this show becomes by Friday night! I’m sure it will be full of surprises!
A deliciously wicked farce parodying community theatre. 
A local group crash tackles Macbeth, sorta by William Shakespeare – but with all the Macbeth bits taken out! 
A co-production presented by Lind Lane Theatre & SRT Productions
written & directed by Simon Denver.
“That Scottish Play” could almost be retitled – “ROAST THE COAST”  
Opening night: Friday April 27th
Season continues: April 28th, May 2nd, 4th & 5th at 8pm
Matinees: April 29 & May 5 at 2pm

Adults $22. Concessions apply
Once word gets out this show will sell out so be quick to book!
The cast of 25 plus, includes members of 12 different theatre groups.  
Or to put it another way, 15 current and past committee members of 
aforementioned groups and 6 past or present presidents!  
Pound for pound this is a very frightening cast!  All from the deeper end of the talent pool.  

The cast includes:
Brett Klease, Joy Marshall,
Sam Coward, Errol Morrison, 
Anna MacMahon, Jane Rivers, Jenni McCaul,
Howard Tampling, Darren Heskes, Angel Goulter
and a host of others.
Bookings: 5441 1814 or online at

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