Brisbane’s Real Romeo proposes on stage

The world’s greatest love story has inspired Brisbane’s real Romeo to reveal himself…on stage on Saturday night after Queensland Theatre Company’s first preview of Romeo & Juliet at QPAC!

Tristan Botha, 24, from Forest Lakes, went down on bended knee in front of a full house and asked his very surprised girlfriend, Cynthia Osment, 27, from Oxley to marry him. Luckily for Tristan, the answer was a resounding yes! The audience – and the happy couple – left having experienced a happy ending after all.

Working with QTC in secret, Tristan had conspired to propose to Cynthia with the help of QTC Artistic Director, Wesley Enoch. Wesley announced a “lucky door” prize was the be announced after the production. Other than the co-conspirators, who knew that the prize would be an engagement ring?!

While Romeo & Juliet was more than timely for Tristan’s ‘proposal project’, he says he always knew that he would ask her hand in marriage at a QTC production. “Cynthia has been coming to QTC shows since she was 8 years old. Every Christmas she and her brother would get a 12 month QTC subscription as a present, and they would come to the shows together. Her brother has moved away so this was the perfect way of continuing the tradition, now it is with me,” he said.

Thomas Larkin (As you Like It, Hamlet) and Melanie Zanetti who won the Matilda Award for her performance as Eliza Doolittle in QTC’s Pygmalion last year are QTC’s Romeo and Juliet. They are said to have sizzled on stage in the early previews and look set to bring a whole new audience through our state theatre company’s doors.

Two households. A raging feud. Five days. One forbidden romance.

Directed by the celebrated Jennifer Flowers, Romeo & Juliet will bring the heat of Verona’s streets to Brisbane with a bespoke set, classical integrity and timeless currency.

“We have two exciting young actors, at the perfect stage in their careers to play the coveted title roles; what an opportune time to bring back this tale of love and tragedy,” says Artistic Director Wesley Enoch. 

“Our version of the ever popular classic, Romeo & Juliet, promises to hold true to the original script yet we instil modernity to make it relevant to today’s audience,” he said. “It’s a fiery production of the world’s greatest love story. It is a volatile collision of youth, mortality, sex, light, intensity, fate and time.”

Welcoming back Company favourites and with an all-Queensland ensemble the cast includes Ross Balbuziente, Simon Burvill-Holmes, Tim Dashwood, Norman Doyle, Steven Grives, Caroline Kennison, Andrea Moor, Veronica Neave, Nick Skubij and Steven Tandy, who was last seen in Noosa to direct the sell-out season of David Williamson’s Travelling North.

“It’s been almost 20 years since the Company has presented the tragic romance. “It surprises me how many young people have never seen or even know the story of Romeo & Juliet,” said Wesley. “It is one of the most beautiful and provocative stories for the next generation to see. I love that it is in my first season as Artistic Director at QTC.”

Thomas and Melanie have received notoriety recently over the images used to promote QTC’s forthcoming season. Interestingly, Veronica Neave faced similar furore over the production images when she performed the title role of Juliet for QTC in 1993 (for which she received a Matilda Award commendation). In both cases the images were designed to capture the “essence” of Romeo & Juliet’s story: young, breathless, forbidden love.

Romeo & Juliet 

21 April to 13 May

Playhouse, QPAC

Directod by Jennifer Flowers

Featuring: Ross Balbuziente, Simon Burvill, Tim Dashwood, Norman Doyle, Steven Grives, Caroline Kennison, Thomas Larkin

Andrea Moor, Veronica Neave, Nick Skubij, Steven Tandy, Melanie Zanetti


1 Response to “Brisbane’s Real Romeo proposes on stage”

  1. 1 Jassy
    May 9, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    The play was absolutely amazing. I loved it even more then the movie. The characters were represented so well, I loved Benvolio and also Mercutio as a girl. The nurse was a brilliant actor. (better then in the movie if I might say!)
    The cast was fantastic and the simplicity of the scene as well as the lighting and music was just spot on. I was lucky enough to see it twice and would be glad to see it again.
    I know someone you got to interview Thomas Larkin and I listened to the recording. He is the most deep funny, loving and dear man. Him and Melanie were so sweet and he answered each question with such deep contemplation!

    I only hope they will film the full play so I can buy it and watch it.

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