the voice

So. Thoughts on (the Australian) The Voice, which premiered last night on Channel 9? Who did you love? What surprised you? It’s a reality TV show unlike anything we’ve seen before…for now. After the first round, it becomes a coached competition with the results coming from viewers who can be bothered take the time to vote for their favourite artist.

The point of difference is the Blind Audition. How refreshing! A competition that begins with the voice rather than the singer’s appearance. Of course they’re on camera for our benefit even before the judges turn around and it’s fascinating to watch the good singers sing. And to be reminded that good singers don’t just sing. They communicate a story. The story and all of the emotions involved in telling it are the very essence of any powerful performance.

Blind Auditions continue tonight and tomorrow night (be watching for our friends, Darren Percival, Kelsie Rimmer, Tom Oliver and Dakota Striplin)! After that, we’ll see just where the four coaches – Seal, Delta Goodrem, Keith Urban and Joel Madden – can take those performers who make it through the first round.

Here’s a sneak peak at a rather special moment, just in case you needed further convincing to catch The Voice tonight (watch to the end)…

The show has experienced massive success in the UK and USA, smashing ratings and perpetuating the myth that all you need to succeed in the music industry is that elusive “lucky break”. Does it work? Sure! Get some good management and PR behind you and the entertainment world’s your oyster!

Who will you be voting for? Is it too early to tell? Perhaps not!


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