The McClymonts

The McClymonts

Tons of HITS

…but just 3 Previews and 3 Covers

Reviewed by Andy Clark

Most bands have other musical artists as warm up performers. Tonight the Multi Golden Guitar and ARIA Award winners The McClymonts have Bulls, Broncos and Cowboys, but none of them play Rugby. I am warming to Rodeo as a live spectator sport, but feel it is only occasionally action packed, like tennis, cricket or golf, in that you get a ‘few’ seconds of action every few minutes. By FEW I mean about 3 or 4 seconds of riding every 3 or so minutes, if you are lucky. Most of the Cowboys are ejected from their mounts within metres of the gate opening.

Some of the Cowboys join us in the Grand Ballroom to await our 3 favourite Pop Country singing sisters. They all forget that it is no longer necessary to wear a wide brimmed hat & they continue to wear their headgear despite it being dark & indoors. However about 90% of the audience are hatless & are not there for the Line Dancing.

The next performer won the Road to Discovery Award recently and Andrew Redford is a nice guitar strumming troubadour, but his own songs seem very similar to each other and he seems to think the only way to attract the general public to his fan base is to cover some of the most boring, yet popular, songs of recent years.  Maybe he thinks covering songs that have made Number 1 in triple j’s Hottest 100 will make him have wider appeal. He skips Gotya and Kimbra from 2011 and jumps back to 2010 and 2009 for covers of “Big Jet Plane” and “Little Lion Man”, both of which are acoustic duplicates of the originals and uninspiring. He then makes the crowd even keener for him to finish, so we can see The McClymonts, by plodding through “Wonderwall”.  I think just 4 of his 7 song set were originals. I didn’t pay to see this Karaoke Kid.

I’ve seen The McClymonts 4 times before, but not for over 2 years and I have been looking forward to this show for a while, to see Previews of songs from their upcoming album. I chose this gig over the outrageous, but equally entertaining Marylin Manson, at this same Eaton Hills venue a few weeks ago.

The McClymont sisters stroll onstage to rapturous applause & launch into one of their Hits as part of this The McClymonts – Hits and Previews – Australian Tour 2012. They look fantastic, as ever. Sam’s long flowing wavy dark hair enhances her lovely smile & gorgeous stage presence, just as much as her golden locks used to, as she struts around the stage with her Bass Guitar. Brooke is front and centre with her Acoustic Guitar and she dominates the singing duties. The baby sister Mollie now looks even more isolated with her blonde short hair and her mandolin. The song “Cannonball” was written about Tom Boy Mollie and is one of many many Hits that the girls entertain us with tonight, including most songs from their 2007 Album Chaos and Bright Lights, plus some from their 2006 EP & 2009’s Wrapped Up Good.

I left the venue a little disappointed that the “Preview” section of this set consisted of just 3 songs – the song “How Long Have You Know” that has been on YouTube & their website since January, the Title track of their new album and one more new song in the encore. My frustration was compounded by the fact they also chose to play not 1 cover or 2, but 3 covers.

I enjoyed watching The McClymonts perform lots of their Hits & I look forward to seeing them soon when “Two Worlds Collide” is released in June, but I was hoping for more of a Preview at this gig, as that’s what the title of the Tour had made me anticipate.


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