Yesterday, somebody reblogged my review of Too Late! (Antigone) Contest #2 and I thought, “What a good idea!” So here is an awesome piece that I felt I must reblog. I love this piece so much! Read it all. Then go read the rest of Alexander Chee’s blog…


1. Sometimes music is needed.

2. Sometimes silence.

3. This is probably because a novel is a piece of music, like all written things, the language demanding you make a sound as you read it.

4. Sometimes I have written them on subways, missing stops, like people do when reading.

5. It begins for me usually with the implications of a situation. A person who is like this in a place that is like this, an integer set into the heart of an equation and new values, everywhere.

6. The person and situation arrive together, typically. I am standing somewhere and watch as both appear, move towards each other and transform.

7. If you still don’t understand me, think of how you think differently of Clark Kent once you see him run into the phone booth and change into Superman.

8. It is like having imaginary friends that are the…

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