La Boite Theatre Company’s Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve is almost upon us. I know this because I hear the Christmas Trim Shop in Myer calling to me constantly, in an ethereal voice not unlike Marina Prior’s, singing “Come to my garden…”

Image by Kristen Walther

(this is not Marina Prior. I know this because I met her once, at Southbank. We wore similar salmon pink and somebody took a photo of us, you know, a real photo that was printed and put in a shoebox somewhere)…

I also know that Twenty Twelve is coming because we have had, lately, season launches coming out of our ears, funnily enough, not unlike Murgatroyd’s Garden. Yes, I’m tired. I’m exhausted, in fact. This year was never going to be this busy. It’s all good, though. We’re easily bored and we love what we do. We love being a part of this painfully slowly growing industry in Queensland and we are still based on the Sunshine Coast because we love to live here. No one who visits us at our open-air office in Mooloolaba needs this explained!


By far the most impressive season launch – as far as launch parties go – has to be La Boite’s. I love the way this company has re-created themselves in the last year. They are The Party People masquerading as a theatre company!

“I love what our theatre can do. This is a theatre that allows for the most direct and fundamentally sensual conversation between actor and audience I have ever encountered.”

David Berthold, La Boite Theatre Company Artistic Director

It’s an exciting season and what’s more exciting is the mutual admiration party getting started all over town, as a little bit of love and respect is tossed around between our Indie and mainstage companies. The last to launch their 2012 season will be !Metro Arts but they too tend to do the industry party thing rather than anything really formal.

If you missed the Twitter stream, search #laboite2012 and if you’re not feeling a part of it, you soon will. “If theatre is an act of gathering then your involvement is an act of living.” DB

There’s a year long theatrical rave about to take place in Brisbane and you’re all invited!


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