Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre Festival: Adjudicator’s Comments

Adjudicator’s Comments

Adjudicator: Karen Crone

Junior Section

  • Fantastic work by some of these young performers, especially by those that had to play 2 roles
  • We could relate to Switch On/Switch Off (everybody has had a fight over the remote control)!
  • I loved the three girls dressed the same
  • I loved the grandmother
  • Feet first for multiple roles. Start with the shoes. Be as diligent offstage as you are onstage.
  • Grandma/nurse great non-verbal work.
  • Repair shop: nurse and repairman, he went into his monologue and the nurse wandered off. Pay attention to detail, exits and entrances (establish place)
  • Nobody Famous: Barry playing two roles, the arm in a cast, the Italian accent; helping to tell the story.
  • Phantasmal: great premise
  • Energy thru to the end of the lines. Just as when we sing a song, you must breathe there, there etc = phrasing. Same technique applies when you are presenting dialogue.
  • Taylor had beautiful comic timing but a little too quiet. If we can’t hear we can’t laugh.
  • Re balance of the stage: Each of the plays were well staged. Best place on stage is CS

Intermediate Section

  • Romanov. Just astounding. I was transported. I was actually taken back in time. This production should tour to Sydney and then nationally.
  • The detail with the costuming
  • Sisters worked as an ensemble
  • The direction almost seamless
  • The detail: footsteps and something falling takes you out of the play. Quiet backstage!
  • I was affected by the performances
  • Well-balanced ensemble, all supporting each other and all telling the story
  • I was impressed with those who were able to work non-verbally and with the slower pace of the older man (Nicholas)
  • Gossip: she wrote, directed and played Bella. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from your work.
  • Interesting staging: at times it worked and at times it was clumsy.
  • I wanted to see more unison work
  • I was confused by the choice of an American accent. I needed justification for it.
  • Some of the voices – interesting choice of a mix of personalities but I wanted something to justify it in the text
  • I got a little lost with the story. Revisit the piece and break it down. Be in it or step outside of it.
  • Use of the red worked
  • It grew as we went along. Stronger towards the end of the piece.
  • Romeo and Juliet: used the auditorium to their advantage
  • Romeo and Juliet was fantastic, energy wonderful. Tristan was fantastic. His face was very alive. If I can feel it you can feel it but we’ve also got to see it.
  • Re pre-empting laughs: Find that line where you can control yourself. Be careful.
  • For the chaos of the piece there was a great control
  • Great sense of depth and fabric with the use of the AV
  • I loved the use of theatrical blacks on everyone and then each costume donned helped to tell the story.
  • Hannah (director) kept the hat gag going and did a mighty job of covering when the music didn’t come on. Fantastic. Thinking on her feet.
  • You must be so incredibly proud of the youth you have on the Sunshine Coast! Thank you!

Karen Crone & Elizabeth Mahoney

Jasmin Tuppack & Karen Crone

Playwright, Peta Beattie, Director, Robyn Ernst, Adjudicator, Karen Crone and (most of the) cast members of Romanov!


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