Production Update

We had our first production party meeting on Friday night. We made it a casual curry night, nothing fancy-schmancy; this was BUSINESS. Well, it was business for about 30 minutes and then the conversation went off on a kinky tangent, which for this show is not as kinky as you might imagine, and then we cleared the cigarette packets and Iphones from the table outside so we could eat, drink and be…very noisy and merry! Don’t worry, the work we did was GOOD.

Apart from the style and application of make-up, it’s all good. Everybody is on Sam’s the same page and…wait. Allow me to point out the make-up disparity. It won’t give too much away, the extensive research I have conducted via Youtube and Google Images might interest you and you can have your say about it during the decision-making process. i.e. Which do YOU want to see?

The Common Ground

Faces should be white. ish.

The Disparity

It is to be either the more severe, mask-like make-up of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Floor Show OR the more subtle and sophisticated style of Madame de Pompadour…which, look, if I were a drowning woman clutching at straws, I would say is not too dissimilar to the make-up sported by our dear alien transvestites throughout the first three-quarters of the film anyway. Okay, it’s pretty dissimilar. Straws. Drowning. You were warned.

Here we go.

1. Rocky Horror. Floor Show. Mask-like. This make-up serves to separate and alienate actors from audience, putting the viewers (voyeurs) into a situation where they can reflect critically within the social context. This is precisely the head space Herr Director would like his audience to find themselves in. Oh, the alienation of the theatre. Oh, how we – every so often – love you and your devices, Bertholdt Brecht.

2. Madame de Pompadour. Powdered. Delicate. Like Dangerous Liaisons. Let the audience be seduced into the same challenging head space but gently and slightly audibly; a breath, a sigh, a gasp…we’ll wait for you…making it a beautiful, dream-like journey so the shock of reality – that sex is not always NICE –  shatters those illusions and each character confronts the audience with an accurate reflection of themselves as individuals, each with their own preconceptions and misconceptions about sex.

On another note, does Magenta not exude Madame de Pompadourishnessatiousness by the end of the film? Look! See?!

Still not convinced? Look, let’s just see what Annie Lennox would do, shall we? I always say, when all is lost, one ought to look to Annie Lennox.

While we’re on the Annie Lennox playlist, let’s just take a peak as she transforms, gradually, exquisitely into a seductive, delicate, bird-like creature. As opposed to a tragic, cross-dressing alien from outer space, perhaps helping to strengthen my argument, perhaps not.

n.b. I have nothing against cross-dressing any sorta species, in fact, I encourage it. Regardless of your stance on these and other pertinent issues, I have always loved this song, I have always been captivated by the film clip and intrigued and inspired by its colours and contrasts.

And look, while we’re at it, I found this especially for the Dr Who fans. You know who you are. This is the episode that made you cry, right?

So anyway, after all that, I’m quite sure I was going to tell you more about the production party meeting. But you know you sometimes have those nights when you think you are right there in the thick of it and all along, you’re thinking of something else? I will have to watch the footage to find out if I actually said anything at all. I have a vague memory of cleverly alluding to a cockroach in a lab coat but I can’t for the life of me remember why that was so funny. Perhaps it wasn’t. Probably, it wasn’t. Never mind.

I felt like the life of the party!

Note to self: Properly recover from virus and extreme exhaustion before hosting future production parties meetings. Or updating blogs.

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