Casting La Ronde

A Letter from the Director


I would firstly like to thank everyone for auditioning on Monday night for La Ronde.

The talent on display was outstanding, making it very difficult to cast. In fact I toyed with the idea of casting it twice and, for the doco, rehearsing two casts and only staging the best one……..but then I figured that this would be a greater kick in the head for those not performing than finding out now.

Some roles were easier to cast than others, some roles were cast before we left the theatre and others have taken up till today to decide upon with two roles having as many as five on my shortlist.

The end result has come about based on three specific criteria:

  • Individual Talent – The show and its content demand a high level of performance competency and skill
  • Adaptability – The ability to work in an ever changing, unorthodox and sometimes chaotic style and method of theatrical exploration.
  • Chemistry – In the end, this is where the final decisions were made, how the individual paired up with the two prospective partners, in look, feel, gel and fit.

As I said on Monday night, we only have roles for 1/4 of those who auditioned. For the remaining unsuccessful 3/4’s I hope you enjoyed the audition process and continue your performance aspirations. Noosa Arts has a wonderful season ahead and many more opportunities will be available throughout the year.

Finally, after much deliberation, I am proud to announce my cast for La Ronde

The Whore – Meg Maguire
The Soldier – Shane Ross
The Maid – Xanthe Coward
The Socialite – Sharon Grimley
The Wife – Mary Eggleston
The Husband – Stephen Moore
The Girl – Kay Ellsum
The Poet – Nathan Hynes
The Actress – Carly Partridge
The Judge – Tim Murphin

Thank you once again to everyone who attended, congratulations to those successful (I hope you know what you’re in for) and to those on this occasion who find themselves unsuccessful, please know that it has not been easy to make decisions regarding the cast for this show and I would welcome all of you to audition for me again for future projects.


Sam Coward

Noosa Arts Theatre

Tim Murfin gets personal

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